500px Photo ID: 97929297 - Gediminas caslte 2013 autumn. Vilnius. Lithuania.

Valdemaras Mockus / 500px

Gediminas Castle & Museum


With its hilltop location above the junction of the Neris and Vilnia Rivers, Gediminas Castle is the last of a series of settlements and fortified buildings occupying this site since Neolithic times. This brick version, built by Grand Duke Vytautas in the early 15th century, harbours an engaging museum about the city with successive floors elaborating on past centuries of warfare, medieval weaponry and contemporary history. For most visitors, the highlight is the 360-degree panorama of Vilnius from the roof.

The original tower was a tier higher than the 20m structure that marks the spot today. Its walls were ruined during the Russian occupation (1655–61), but it was restored in 1930 to house the museum.