Must see attractions in Liberia

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    Hotel Ducor

    Originally built by the now-defunct Pan Am Airlines, this former luxury hotel and site of key political meetings is now a decayed but stunning colonial…

  • Mt Nimba

    Beautiful Mt Nimba is Liberia's tallest peak, 1362m above sea level, and you can feasibly climb it if you have a few days on your hands (it's a rewarding…

  • Waterside Market

    Chaotic Waterside Market offers almost everything for sale, including colourful textiles, shoes, leather goods and pottery, all with a dose of foul smells…

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    Monkey Island

    This small archipelago is home to chimpanzees that were evacuated from a hepatitis research lab during the war. Enquire in town about the most up-to-date…

  • Sapo National Park

    Sapo, Liberia's only national park, is a lush 1808-sq-km tract containing some of West Africa's last remaining primary rainforest. Within it lurk forest…

  • Liberia National Museum

    The museum's collection was depleted during the war years, but renovations (always ongoing) have created space for photo and art exhibitions as well as…

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    Cape Palmas Lighthouse

    This lighthouse can be climbed for an outstanding panoramic view of the cape. Although no longer functional, it's on a UN base, so get permission first,…

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    Firestone Rubber Plantation

    This is the world's largest rubber plantation, which is leased from the government on a controversial 99-year plan. You can view how rubber is processed …

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    Tubman Center of African Culture

    Destroyed during Liberia's war, the shambles of this former museum and current ruin yields a few onlookers. Its draw is often to see how the overgrowth…

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    William Tubman mansion

    In the early evenings, the soft light gives an eldritch feel to the shell of the presidential mansion of former president William Tubman, who was born in…

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    EJ Roye building

    Once the most important structure in the capital, this 10-storey building fell into ruin during the Liberian coup. Attempts to rebuild have, so far, not…

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    CeeCee Beach

    This is a fantastic spot to swim in a lagoon sheltered by rocks, and is a quieter option than other Monrovia area beaches. It lies in the shadow of the…

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    Silver Beach

    This pretty beach is fun and relatively easy to get to, plus it's home to the best beach snack joint in the area. It's located about 15km southeast of…

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    Thinker's Beach

    This popular beach gets crowded on weekends and is known as the party beach. It's about 17km south of Monrovia.

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    Cassava Point

    This beach is for ambitious surfers – it heaves towards the shiny granite rocks.

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    Cotton Trees

    The surf along this shallow sand bar is beautiful.

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    Cuttington University

    On the site of the old Africana Museum, which once had a 3000-piece collection, this is one of West Africa's oldest universities. The campus consist of…

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    Charles Taylor's farm

    Former Liberian president Charles Taylor (who is currently serving a sentence for war crimes in a UK prison) masterminded rebel operations in Sierra Leone…