Sea Wall


Between the old town and the sea, sections of what is labelled the Phoenician sea wall still stand. It actually dates from the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD and was built to enable quarrying of the seaside's sandstone.

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1. Our Lady of the Sea

0.03 MILES

Overlooking the remains of the sea wall, this simple Greek Orthodox church is built right on the water's edge and has a charming terrace with an arched…

2. St George's Church

0.24 MILES

The most interesting of the town's places of worship, this Byzantine-style Greek Orthodox church was built in the 19th century and features an elegant…

3. St Stephen's Church


Batroun's main Maronite church is set on a square right next to the harbour. The stone building with its arched entrance, decorated facade and square…

4. Coteaux de Botrys

2.16 MILES

Overlooking Batroun and the Mediterranean, this winery in Edde opens its 300-year-old farmhouse for tastings on Saturdays between 10am and noon. Bookings…


3.12 MILES

Producing a range of wines made with grapes from its three vineyards (one at Basbina in the hills above Batroun, one in Jezzine and another in the Bekaa…

6. Chateau Sanctus

7.71 MILES

A boutique winery on four hectares in Marmama, this organic operation welcomes visitors to its vineyard and winery on weekends in spring and summer. Book…

7. Church of St John the Baptist

9.13 MILES

Construction of this heartwarmingly beautiful Romanesque church in the medieval streets above the harbour commenced in 1115 and the structure was extended…

8. Byblos Archaeological Site


A well-restored Crusader castle dominates Byblos' atmospheric archaeological site, which incorporates Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Greek and Roman ruins –…