National Theatre

Central Rīga

On 18 November 1918 Latvia declared its independence at the baroque National Theatre.

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Nearby Central Rīga attractions

1. Pilsētas Kanāls (City Canal)

0.12 MILES

Pilsētas kanāls, the city’s old moat, once protected the medieval walls from invaders. Today the snaking ravine has been incorporated into a thin belt of…

2. Arsenāls Exhibition Hall

0.15 MILES

Behind a row of granite heads depicting Latvia's most prominent artists, the imperial arsenal, constructed in 1832 to store weapons for the Russian tsar's…

3. Swedish Gate

0.17 MILES

Built into the city’s medieval walls in 1698 while the Swedes were in power, this arched gate is the only one left in Old Rīga. Set in the largest…

4. Jacob's Barracks

0.18 MILES

The entire north side of Torņa iela is flanked by the custard-coloured 18th-century Jacob’s Barracks, inhabited by cafes and boutiques.

5. Statue of Rūdolfs Blaumanis

0.19 MILES

One of Latvia's greatest writers, Blaumanis (1863-1908) wrote the short story 'In the Shadow of Death.' one of his most famous works. This statue was…

6. St James' Cathedral


Built in 1225, this church has ping-ponged many times between Catholic and Protestant, and has been home to many languages and communities, including…

8. Rīga Castle

0.22 MILES

Built in 1330 as the headquarters of the grand master of the Livonian Order, this building has been much mutated over the years and now only looks…