Wat Siphoutthabat Thippharam

Luang Prabang

Following a path past this large monastery leads to a shrine protecting a Buddha footprint.

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1. Buddha Footprint

0.04 MILES

This mysterious footprint close to Phu Si is one of many scattered around Southeast Asia, and is said to be that of the Buddha after he reached…

2. Wat Thammothayalan

0.06 MILES

This monastery close to That Chomsi features a number of gold Buddhas nestled into rocky clefts and niches.

3. Wat Pa Phai

0.07 MILES

Over the gilded and carved wooden facade, Wat Pa Phai has a classic Tai–Lao fresco depicting everyday scenes of late 19th-century Lao life.

4. Heuan Chan Heritage House


Footpaths lead back from the commercial main drag into a little oasis of palm-shaded calm around Heuan Chan, an authentic traditional longhouse on tree…

5. Wat Xieng Mouane

0.11 MILES

In the old quarter, Wat Xieng Mouane's ceiling is painted with gold naga (river serpents) and the elaborate háang thíen (candle rail) has naga at either…

6. Wat Choumkhong

0.15 MILES

The garden around the little Wat Choumkhong is particularly attractive when its poinsettia trees blush red. Built in 1843, the monastery takes its name…

7. Wat Ho Pha Bang

0.16 MILES

The sacred Pha Bang image, from which the city takes its name, is stored in this highly ornate pavilion that wasn't completed until 2011. The 83cm-tall,…

8. Wat Punluang

0.17 MILES

A beautifully faded temple guarded by emerald nagas (river serpents) on its roof, supported by columns and with an illustrated ochre interior.