UXO Laos Information Centre

Top choice in Luang Prabang

The sobering UXO Laos Information Centre helps you get a grip on the devastation Laos suffered in the Second Indochina War and how nearly 40 years later death or injury from unexploded ordnance (UXO) remains an everyday reality in several provinces. If you miss it here, there's a similar centre in Phonsavan.

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1. Wat Manorom

0.22 MILES

Winding lanes to the west lead to Wat Manorom, set amid frangipani trees just outside what were once the city walls (now invisible). This is possibly the…

2. Wat Wisunarat

0.39 MILES

Though touted as one of Luang Prabang's oldest operating temples, it's actually an 1898 reconstruction built following the Black Flag raids. Peruse a…

3. That Makmo

0.43 MILES

This lumpy hemispherical stupa is commonly nicknamed That Makmo, which translates as 'Watermelon Stupa'. Originally constructed in 1514, it was pillaged…

4. Wat That Luang

0.47 MILES

Traditionally the cremation site for Lao royalty, legend has it that Wat That Luang was originally established by Ashokan missionaries in the 3rd century…

5. Wat Pha Mahathat

0.48 MILES

Wat Pha Mahathat is named for a venerable Lanna-style stupa erected in 1548. The 1910 sǐm (ordination hall) in front has carved wooden windows and portico…


0.48 MILES

Visiting this professionally presented three-room museum is a must to learn about northern Laos' various hill-tribe cultures, especially if you're…

7. Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden

0.59 MILES

As relaxing as a trip to the spa, this botanical garden, opened in 2017 as the first in Laos, is a serene spot to read, take a stroll or perfect some yoga…

8. Phu Si


Dominating the old city centre and a favourite with sunset junkies, the 100m-tall Phu Si (prepare your legs for a steep 329-step ascent) is crowned by a…