Wat Pa Phon Phao

Luang Prabang

An easy 3km walk or bicycle ride northeast of town is Wat Pa Phon Phao, a forest meditation wat famous for the teachings of the late abbot Ajahn Saisamut. Saisamut's funeral in 1992 was the largest and most well-attended monk's funeral Laos had seen in decades.

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1. Santi Chedi

0.01 MILES

If you climbed Phu Si you'll surely have spied a large octagonal stupa painted a dazzling golden hue near the 'New Bridge'. This is the 1988 Santi Chedi,…

3. That Makmo

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This lumpy hemispherical stupa is commonly nicknamed That Makmo, which translates as 'Watermelon Stupa'. Originally constructed in 1514, it was pillaged…

4. Wat Punluang

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A beautifully faded temple guarded by emerald nagas (river serpents) on its roof, supported by columns and with an illustrated ochre interior.

5. Wat Wisunarat

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Though touted as one of Luang Prabang's oldest operating temples, it's actually an 1898 reconstruction built following the Black Flag raids. Peruse a…

6. Buddha Footprint

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This mysterious footprint close to Phu Si is one of many scattered around Southeast Asia, and is said to be that of the Buddha after he reached…

7. Wat Thammothayalan

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This monastery close to That Chomsi features a number of gold Buddhas nestled into rocky clefts and niches.

8. UXO Laos Information Centre

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The sobering UXO Laos Information Centre helps you get a grip on the devastation Laos suffered in the Second Indochina War and how nearly 40 years later…