Kaysone Phomvihane Memorial Building

Bolaven Plateau Region

This imposing building is a useful landmark.

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Nearby Bolaven Plateau Region attractions

2. Attapeu Provincial Museum

0.36 MILES

This large, elegant building holds a small collection of rural and tribal artefacts, tools such as a rice husker, models of various kinds of tribal houses…

4. Lak 3 Market

0.71 MILES

A lively market selling fresh foods, baguettes and other snacks.

5. Saisettha

7.82 MILES

Saisettha, 11km east of Attapeu on Rte 18B, is a sizeable village on the north bank of the Se Kaman (Kaman River). It used to be a small, quiet village…

6. Pa-Am

16.61 MILES

The area east of Attapeu was an integral part of the Ho Chi Minh Trail – two main branches, the Sihanouk Trail continuing south into Cambodia and the Ho…

7. Dong Hua Sao NPA

21.68 MILES

The 1100-sq-km Dong Hua Sao NPA, south of Paksong, is home to large tracts of pristine jungle, where you might spot monkeys, large butterflies and rare…

8. Tayicseua

24.45 MILES

There are seven significant waterfalls (none of them named Tayicseua) and several smaller ones at this remote but easily accessible private nature reserve…