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Aside from the city itself and the interesting outdoor opportunities nearby, Osh is also a launch or arrival point for travellers to/from China, for transiting from Uzbekistan's Fergana Valley, or for accessing Tajikistan's memorable Pamir Highway. Inexpensive international flights can also make it a savvy gateway to Central Asia.

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$900 Outdoor Activities

Tajikistan Discovery Tour- The Kyrgyz Nomadic Lifestyle

Visit the summer pasture (locals call it “jailoo”) and experience the traditional ethnic Kyrgyz nomadic lifestyle. Spend your days with locals walking or riding horses, donkeys, and yak. Then, relax near cold, clear streams. Join the shepherds as they follow their flocks of sheep, yak, and goats across the expansive landscape. Test your skills while baking local bread, and milking yak. Later, spend your nights in local homestays or authentic Kyrgyz yurts. The tour will take you from Osh City in Kyrgyzstan to KaraKul Lake to Murghab in Tadjikistan to Job Borluk and back to Osh City. Day 1 Leave Osh City early in the day and travel by car to Tulpar Kol, a beautiful mountain lake where you’ll get a chance to get used to the altitude while taking in the wonderful views. Day 2 Early in the morning travel by car to KaraKul Lake, located in the Tajik National Park in the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan. You’ll stop for a short break in and enjoy lunch around the areas. After, drive to Murghab, where you’ll spend the night in the home of a local family. Day 3Start your day with a visit to the local bazaar in Murghab before stopping for a traditional lunch at a yurt café. After lunch, drive from Murghab to Jol Borluk jailoo, keeping your eyes peeled for yak, sheep, and old tombs on the way. From the side of Rang-Kul village, you may even be able to see the top of Mustak Ata peak, over 7,500 meters tall! A trail in the gorge takes you up to the hill where you will be greeted by a stunning view of beautiful pastures. Descend the hill and cross the river to reach the local pasture. Observe and experience the daily routine of the nomads living there. Walk up to the hills around the jailoo and visit the yurts. Then, join women from the community and learn how to make bread in a special local oven called a “kazan.” Enjoy lunch in the yurt with fresh bread and butter. Later, spend the night in the yurt. Day 4 After an early breakfast, see how the locals milk yak and sheep before giving it a try yourself! Special boots and aprons will be available if needed. After enjoying some fresh yak milk with the families, learn how to use the separator to turn the milk into “kaymak,” the most delicious local butter! After lunch, go for a walk or ride a donkey, horse, or camel on the jailoo. Then, have a picnic with a tasty traditional meal. Later, return to a homestay for the night in Murghab. Day 5 Early in the morning, it’s time to leave for Osh! Stop in several places along the way, like Karakul village for lunch and Chiyirchik to taste horse milk. Later, spend the night at Ethno Hotel in Osh. Day 6 Return to the airport for your departure. Revenue from this experience will be invested in the construction of a new kindergarten in Murghab as well as training seminars for local service providers.

$65.05 Day Trips & Excursions

Osh City Tour

Take a 2 days tour to second largest city and "southern capital" of Kyrgyzstan  - Osh city and to see all its most famous sights.First, transfer to the airport for local flight to Osh. After arrival and hotel check in, the city sightseeing tour in Osh will take place.You will visit the Central Square and “Big Lenin” statue, Soviet mosaics, murals, and public art, the Russian Orthodox Church, the WWII and Chernobyl memorials, the Major architecture along Lenin Street, the Navoi Park, the Love Park, the Alymbek Datka Park and also the holy mountain Suleiman-Too. For travelers these parks not only are pleasant places to walk and relax surrounded by trees and green space, but they also are great places to engage with and meet locals who are out with their families and friends enjoying the games, tea houses, and walking paths of the parks.You will have lunch in the local cafe and after you will visit the major sight - the holy mountain Suleiman-Too and the museum inside the mountains. Suleiman-Too is also a tangible heritage of UNESCO. Inside the museum you will find out more about the lives of people of that time which were found during the archeological works. Also there is a Park of Alymbek datka located at the base of Sulaiman-Too Mountain, the Alymbek Datka park represents a complex of activities and things to do and places to eat. Today it is an exhibition about 19th-century Kyrgyz heroes Alymbek and Kurmanjan Datka (she is considered a hero of freedom for Kyrgyz women). The Alymbek Datka Park is also a popular place for wedding photoshoots, so if you’re lucky you might catch sight of a colorful local wedding. In the evening you will have the chance to participate in the Plov cooking master-class. Learn the traditions and specifics of Osh plov and enjoy the dinner.On a second day in the early morning drive to Uzgen city you will visit a Silk Road Mausoleum, which consists of three mausoleums conditionally named Northern, Middle and Southern. These monuments are considered the classics of Karakhanid epoch. There the governors of Karakhanid dynasty are buried. After taking in the historical Silk Road sites in Uzgen, seek out the story behind Uzgen Rice. Visit traditional rice factory and see how the red rice is grown.  Lunch in the local cafe. After returning to Osh, you will go to the Jayma Bazaar for shopping  before flight back to Bishkek. One can find everything there: food products, clothing, household goods, textiles, souvenirs and even a cattle market. And what is more, it has been operating on the same place over 2,000 years, since the time when Osh was crossed by one of the branches of the legendary Silk Road. Transfer to airport, arrival and transfer to Bishkek.

$68.05 Day Trips & Excursions

Osh City Walking Tour

You will start Osh city walking tour with Lepeshka master class(national bread) it will be your small snack. Lepeshka(Flapjack) is a national Kyrgyz bread that is baked in a special oven called the Tandyr. After Lepeshka master class you will head to the Central Square and “Big Lenin” statue. It is one of the largest Lenin statues in the world. This Monument should attract attention of those who is interested in the history of the Soviet Union. The holy mountain Suleiman-Too. Sulaiman-Too Mountain dominates the surrounding landscape of the Fergana Valley and forms the backdrop to the city of Osh. In mediaeval times Osh was one of the largest cities of the fertile Fergana valley at the crossroads of important routes on the Central Asian Silk Roads system, and Sulaiman-Too was a kind of lighthouse for travellers. The holy mountain Suleiman-Too museum inside the mountains. The museum contains more than 33 thousand exhibits in the fund. These are 6694 archaeological, 3702 ethnographic, 19852 documents and photographs, 1196 objects of art and crafts, painting, sculpture and graphics. Sulaiman Too Mosque The Takhti – Suleiman mosque is located in Osh city, on top of the Suleiman-Too mountain, towering in the city center. The unipolar mosque is located at an altitude of 150 meters. The name Tahti – means Suleiman’s throne. The mosque was built by Sultan Mahmud-Khan and the ruler of the state of Mogulistan at the end of the 15th century. According to ancient legends the prohet Suleiman prayed on the site of a stone slab and Sultan Mahmud-Khan built a cell for himself on this place. Later the cell became a mosque. You will have lunch in one of the local cafes. Next stop will be in Asaf ibn Burhia Mausoleum during your Osh city walking tour. There is a famous place of Muslim pilgrimage - the Mausoleum of Asaf ibn Burkhia whichis located at the southeastern foot of the sacred mountain Sulayman-Too. The mausoleum is named after the vizier of Tsar Suleiman. According to legend, he bequeathed to bury himself at the foot of this mountain. Further you will continue your One day City walking tour in the square. In the Square Zadneprovsky, you will see a number of important monuments near the large monument of Lenin, known as the "Complex of Memorials" - which recognize important events, paying tribute to the local people who gave their lives. The Russian Orthodox Church. Named after the Archangel Michael, this Russian Orthodox cathedral was built in 1877 and enlarged in 1909, Russian soldiers and migrants were received here. “Zhaima”, a huge eastern market, stretched for a kilometer along the western bank of the Ak-Bura River. You will find everything you want : food, clothes, household goods, textiles, souvenirs, and even cattle. End of Tour

$55 Cultural & Theme Tours

Islamic Heritage in Delhi with Halal Food

Pick up will be provided from your hotel/airport in Delhi & our guide immersed in the local history and culture of Old Delhi will brief you about the secrets to be unravelled. Our first point of interest is "Jama Mosque", Towering over Old Delhi, the magnificent façade of Jama Masjid stands as the reminder of Mughal architecture. Commissioned by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, the Masjid-i Jah?n-Num? (meaning Mosque commanding view of the world) was his final architectural opus. On the other hand, the popular name, Jama Masjid is derived from the word 'Jummah', referring to the congregational prayer observed by Muslims on Fridays. Built from red sandstone and white marble, the edifice dominates the skyline of the busy Chawri Bazar in central Delhi and is considered the largest mosque in India.  Moving on to next stop "Nizamuddin Dargah" said to be the Sufi cultural centre of India. be surprised to see equal number of Hindu and Islamic devotees here praying together in this holy place, Such was magic of Sufi saints who bring together different religious backgrounds and maintain harmony in this cultural vivid land called India. Our last stop is Dargah of Saint "Qutubuddin Bkhtiyar Kaki", The Sufi saint Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki lies in eternal rest in the shadows of Qutb Minar deep inside the labyrinth of Mehrauli in southern Delhi. Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki was a Muslim Sufi mystic, saint and scholar of Chishti order. He was born in Osh, in Fargana Valley (present day Kyrgyzstan) in 1173. End this tour with a mouthwatering Halal Delicacy in a famous typical restaurant run by traditional cook family of Muslims. Drop back will be provided to your hotel.

$45 Day Trips & Excursions

Bishkek sightseeing tour: all about life of the country in one day

The tour starts from your hotel. The guide will meet you at the lobby and you will go to the central part of the city. Here you will walk through the main squares and parks, see the theater buildings, numerous monuments on the streets, visit museums. The main attractions that you will see are Ala-Too square, old square, the oldest park in Bishkek, the oldest building in Bishkek, Opera and ballet Theatre, Russian drama theatre, Square of Fighters of revolution 1917, Alley of artists, White house, Frunze Museum, museum of Fine Arts, historical museum. From the Frunze Museum you will travel by car to another area of the city, where you will see the Philharmonic hall, Manas square, the city square and the city hall. You will walk through the Alley of youth to the oldest university in the country. Here you will see interesting buildings, monuments and modern art (including street art). After exploring this area you will travel by car to the Osh market which is the most colorful place in Bishkek. The guide will show you unique souvenir and delicious food rows. On the market you will be able to try a variety of national dairy products, to take photos in national clothes and buy some souvenir of your trip to Bishkek. After Osh market you will go by car to one of the best tea houses of the city, where you will try five national dishes - Manti (usual and fried), Beshbarmak, Kuurdak and Boso-lagman. This tasting is a great end of the tour! After tea house, the guide will accompany you to the hotel.