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The city's young population means that in the evenings the old town buzzes with revellers and enjoys a very sociable air. However, the town's current glow masks a tragic and divisive past: of the 20,000 Serbs who lived here in 1999, only 20 remain, guarding fiercely the sorrowful remnants of their once strong presence.

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$71.62 Day Trips & Excursions

Kosovo Day Trip: Pristina and Prizren Tour from Skopje

Tour starts with pick up from your hotel in Skopje, traveling to Pristina where you will meet your local guide.Firstly you will visit the monastery of Gracanica and after that you will arrive in Pristina. Here you will take a tour and see: the Kosova National Library that represents a modern architectural design, the Mother Teresa statue – born Gonxhe Bojaxhiu-, George Kastrioti Skanderbeg statue, Open Air Archeological Park with artifacts from Neolithic period, the Kosova Museum that was built by Austrians for the Turkish army in 1898 and has an extensive collection of archaeological and ethnological artifacts including the Neolithic Goddesses on a Throne terracotta; Çarshi Mosque which is Pristina oldest building constructed on 15th century by Turkish Sultan Bajazit; the Academy Building which is a 19th century Ottoman konak style private houses; the Clock Tower, a 26 meter high built by Jashar Pasha on 1764; the Fatih Mosque or Imperial Mosque built on 1461 under the Turkish Sultan Mehmed II Fatih; The Great Hammam bath complex built in 1470 and graced with 15 domes with small holes to let light stream in. Also the ethnographic museum, Emin Gjiku complex is a extremely well preserved building from 18th Century and it’s a the only original building left in old bazaar area. The tour finishes with the visit of Gazimestan Tower.You continue to Prizren. Here you will do a walking tour which includes the attractive Ottoman Old Town, known for its gold and silver filigree craftsmen, the hammam, the museum of Prizren League, the Helveti Tekke, Sinia Pasha Mosque and the church of Our Lady of Ljevis. Prizren has the largest number of preserved Ottoman buildings in Kosovo, so simply wandering the old cobbled streets admiring the town houses, mosques and tekkes is a delight. After little break for resting, you will return in Skopje.

$77.59 Day Trips & Excursions

Private Full Day Trip to Pristina and Prizren from Skopje

Our driver/guide will pick you up from your hotel or any location of your preference in Skopje, with a comfortable A/C car/minivan and take you to Kosovo. The first stop, just before arriving to Pristina, is the beautiful 14th century Gracanica Monastery. The tour continues to Pristina, with a sightseeing tour of Pristina where you will be able to see the Cathedral Mother Teresa, the Pristina University and National Library of Pristina, the Scenderbeg Square and statue, followed by a walk through Nane Theresa pedestrian, the Old Bazaar and the Ethnographic museum –  Emin Gjaku. After a lunch break, in the afternoon, the tour continues to the picturesque, small town Prizren to see part of the rich cultural heritage of the town. The guide will lead you through the town to see the Stone Bridge, the medieval St. George church, the Catholic church, Sinan Pasha Mosque, Bajrakli Mosque, the Hammam, the house of Prizren League, through the many craft shops of which the golden and silver felegree work stand out to be recognized as real masterpieces of the craftsmen in Prizren.Some of the places you will most likely pass: Gracanica Monastery Cathedral Mother Teresa University of Pristina National Library Skenderbeg square Nena Teresa pedestrian Carshi Mosque The old bazaar Ethnographic museum -Emin Gjaku NEWBORN monument the Stone Bridge St. George church the Catholic church Sinan Pasha Mosque Bajrakli Mosque the Hammam the House of Prizren League the Shadervan square

$1366.69 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Albania Hidden Gems 8 Days Tour

Day 1. Transfer Airport – Hotel TiranaThe group is met at the airport by our Guide and Driver and transfer to the hotel in Tirana. After a short time in the hotel we take a city walk to visit the center of Tirana and Et’hem Bey Mosque.Day 2. Tirana-Marikaj-Kruja – RubikToday we start the day by visiting the History Museum in Tirana. After the visit we head to the agritourist center of Marikaj where a nice lunch arrangements waits for us. Next we travel to the city of Kruja where we can visit the Castle and Scanderbeg Museum. In the end of our visits we transfer to Rubik where will be accommodated.Day 3. Rubik – Prizren – Gjakova – ValbonaWe travel today through the Nation’s Highway toward Prizren, Kosovo. In Prizren we will visit Sinan Pasha mosque, hammam, old city center. Next we drive to Gjakova where we visit the Old Bazaar and have lunch as well. After lunch we head toward Valbona valley in Albania.Day 4. Valbona – Kukaj – ValbonaToday we will walk for about 1 hour to Kukaj village where we will learn more about the life of the local shepherds. We will meet with Tahir, a local, who lives in Kukaj. During tonight’s dinner we have invited a folk group to perform for us. They live in a nearby village and are self taught to play the local instruments and dance.Day 5. Valbona – Fierzë – Koman – ShkodërWe travel by our minibus until Fierza to catch the boat that sails for about 2 hours through Koman Lake. In Koman lake have been built 3 of the most important hydro power plants in Albania with an installed power of 600 MW. After lunch we drive towards Shkodër where before entering the city we can visit Rozafa castle, which dates back to 4th century BC.Day 6. Shkodër – Durrës – BeratToday we head to Durrës the 2nd biggest city in Albania, which dates back to 7th century BC to visit the Roman Amphitheatre. Next we resume driving to Berat to visit the UNESCO city. First we will visit the castle, which dates back to 5th century BC and after that we will take a walk through Mangalem quarter which gave a distinctive look to the city’s architecture.Day 7. Berat – Elbasan – Ibë (village near Tirana)Our journey will take us to Elbasan where we will visit the Castle, which dates back from 15th century and Saint Mary church in the castle. After lunch we drive to Kame resort in the near Tirana where will be accommodated.Day 8. Ibë (village) – Tirana – Mother Teresa AirportToday before our flight departure we can take a walk around the village or just relax in the resort before heading up to the airport. End of the Program.

$179.04 Outdoor Activities

2 days hiking and sailing tour of Valbona

Day 1We begin our journey toward Northern Albania, leaving Tirana early in the morning at 05:00. At 09:00 we get on the ferry that sails right in the heart of the Albanian Alps. The Koman lake ferry trip offers some spectacular views of the Albanian Alps, waterfalls, rural villages and wild forests. Passing through Bajram Curri, we enter the national park of Valbona Valley. After a delicious traditional lunch, we explore some of the main attractions, such as a great valley named “Lugina e Valbonës”, a fountain head called “Krojet e Ragamit”, the lake “Liqeni i Xhemës” “The old Mill” “The center of the village”, “The old school” etc.Dinner and overnight in Guesthouse. Day 2  After the breakfast we will left Valbona behind and will be faced toward Prizren. In the centre of the town, on the bank of river Bistrica, stands the house in which in 1878, the League of Prizren was held. It was an assembly of representatives of all Albanian inhabited regions that demanded autonomy from the Ottoman Empire. This event was the starting point of the Albanian liberation movement, which eventually led to the declaration of the independence of Albania in 1912. The house archives many of the documents relating to the League of Prizren. Next destination is Prizren Castle, an old fortress situated the old part of the city of Prizren. The fortress dates since the Roman years and lived until 1915, when it was destroyed during the First World War. It was built to protect Prizren from foreign attacks and consists of a great number of underground tunnels. Due to its long and interesting history, as well as the amazing view of the city, its ruins attract a great number of visitors nowadays. After visiting these two most historical objects, everyone is free to have lunch, you can choose nor a great restaurant neither a small one where you can taste homemade “suxhuk”. After lunch it’s time to travel back in Tirana capital city. This is the end of our journey. We hope you enjoyed this irreplaceable experience through rural Albania. ChooseBalkans.com thanks you for being part of our services and you are welcomed to participate in our next trip.Will be visited1) Koman Lake2) “Xhema’s” lake3) Valvona Waterfall4) Valbona Valley and Old Mill5) City Tour of Prizren (Kosovo)6) The Legue of Prizren7) The Castle of Prizren Included Dedicated transport Dedicated Professional guide Ferry Ticket One night of sleep in Traditional Guesthouse Traditional Lunch in guesthouse Traditional dinner in guesthouse Breakfast City Tour of Prizren (Tickets Included)

$192.17 Private & Custom Tours

Visit Kosovo for two days from Skopje

Day 1: Skopje – Gadima Cave – Gracanica – Ulpiana – PristinaWe will meet in Skopje and transfer to the beautiful Gracanica Orthodox Monastery located a few miles southeast of Pristina. Founded in 1321 Gracanica was commissioned by Serbian King Stefan Milutin and it was declared Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance in 1990, while in 13 July 2006 it was placed on the UNESCO's World Heritage List. Just a short drive south is the archaeological site of Ulpiana, the capital of Dardania, an Illyrian kingdom pre-dating the Romans as it was mentioned by Strabo an ancient Greek author. However it flourished under the Roman Empire and was mentioned as a glorious city “Urb Splendisima”. Ulpiana suffered numerous attacks from barbarian tribes and earthquakes. Emperor Justinian rebuilt it and called it “Justiniana Secunda”.On the way to Pristina we will also visit Gadima Cave, a karst limestone cave also known as Marble Cave. It was discovered by chance by a villager cutting stone in 1966 and remains largely unexplored.After these visits will continue in the direction of Pristina here we take a walk through the capital Pristina exploring its main attractions in the centre and surroundings including: National Library, Saint Mother Teresa Cathedral, the Saint Mother Teresa Boulevard, the monument of Scanderbeg (Albanian National Hero), the Clock Tower, Kosovo Government buildings and the “New Born” monument which is becoming the symbol of this new state. Of particular interest are the Ottoman period mosques of Prishtina with probably the most beautiful, being the Fatih Mosque dating back to 1461 during the golden era of Sultan Mehmet II. Its huge ceiling domed cupola crowns a splendidly painted floral interior of Arabesque design. Nearby is Pristina's oldest building, the Çarshia Mosque completed in 1389. We end our tour  with a visit to the National Museum. Overnight in Pristina.Day 2: Pristina - Prizren – SkopjeAfter breakfast we drive to  Prizren, the second largest in the country, is a beautiful city situated on the slopes of the Sharr Mountains in southern Kosovo, close to the border with Albania. It is a historic city known for the arts and crafts something which becomes obvious as soon as you approach the centre, with cobble stone roads, beautifully crafted shops, bars and restaurants built in a typical Ottoman architecture. Prizren offers some great religious monuments representing different faiths, with the 14th century Orthodox Church of “Our Lady of Ljevis” being the most important, becoming part of the UNESCO list of protected Medieval Monuments of Kosovo in 2006. Other monuments and sites we visit are: The Mosque of Sinan Pasha built in 1615, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour (Prizren's main Catholic church from 1870), House of the League of Prizren, the Stone Bridge and bazaar. Departure to Skopje.

$925.05 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Kosovo Classic Multi-day Tour from Pristina

Day 1: Pristina Airport – PrizrenYou will be welcomed at Pristina Airport and transferred to Prizren, one of the most beautiful towns in Kosovo where you will stay for 2 nights. Day 2: PrizrenPrizren the second largest city in the country and is a beautiful city situated in southern Kosovo close to the border with Albania. It is a historic city known for its arts and crafts, something which becomes obvious as soon as you approach the town centre.  Day 3: Prizren – Rahovec – Mirusha Waterfalls – Decan – GjakovaFrom Prizren, we start with a visit at the 'Bodrumi i Vjeter' winery for a tour of Kosovo’s oldest winery and a taste of some of its best wines. Afterwards, proceed to the beautiful Mirusha waterfalls. Next is the Monastery complex of Decani considered the largest Medieval church in the Balkans, part of UNESCO. After the visit, proceed to Gjakova which has a Grand Bazaar thought to be the oldest in Kosovo. Day 4: Gjakova – Peja – Prekaz – Vushtrri – Mitrovica – PristinaAfter early breakfast, continue to visit another very important religious complex, the Patriarchate of Peja constructed in the XIII century, part of UNESCO. After visiting the complex we continue on to Vushtrri to visit the old castle in the middle of town and the old Stone Bridge. We visit monumental complex of the Jashari family, at Prekaz. Further north in Mitrovica we visit the Bridge of division. Continue to the capital Pristina, with a visit to the symbolic grave of Sultan Murad I, and the monument of Battle of Kosovo. We arrive in Pristina with a walk through the main pedestrian area, the 'Mother Teresa' Square, the National Library and the 'New Born' monument which symbolizes the birth of this new state. Day 5: Pristina – Gracanica – Ulpiana – Novoberda – Letnica – Gadima - PristinaWe start with a walk to the Ethnographic Museum, Pristina. At Gracanica we visit the superb 14th century Orthodox Church, protected by UNESCO. Close-by lay the remains of ancient Ulpiana the capital of the Roman province of Dardania. Continue on towards Novoberda to visit its panoramic Medieval castle. Letnica is a village formally home to a Croatian minority in Kosovo, famous for its white washed church and a 400 years old blackened wood statue of the Virgin Mary, carved in the style of Michelangelo, known as 'Black Madonna'. After the visit, return to Pristina with a stop at the Gadima cave which is 1200 meter long, also known as the Marble cave due its marble like colors full of crystallized stalagmites.  Day 6: Pristina – AirportAfter breakfast we visit two Ottoman period mosques of Pristina. After these visits depart to airport.