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Patriarchate of Peć

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This church and nunnery complex on the outskirts of Peja are a raw slice of Serbian Orthodoxy that has existed here since the late 13th century. Outside in the landscaped grounds, all is bright and colourful, but once inside the church it feels more like you're within a dark cave with magnificent faded frescoes covering the walls and ceiling. The entire complex dates from between the 1230s and the 1330s.

If you can come around 5pm you might catch the haunting prayers and chants of the elderly nuns dressed all in black. With shafts of sunlight catching some of the frescoes and the singing filling the vaults, it can feel as if you've been transported into the Middle Ages.

Since 2013 the buildings have been guarded by Kosovo's police force, and you will need your passport to enter.

From the food stands around Peja's main square, walk along Lekë Dukagjini with the river on your left for 20 minutes until you reach the monastery walls.

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