Ottoman Mosque


A gorgeous Ottoman mosque, overlooking the traditional market area of Souq Hammam. Non-Muslims are not allowed inside, but anyone can enjoy its traditional stone facade.

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Nearby Jordan attractions

1. Muhammed Al Bashir's House

0.06 MILES

An Ottoman house with colonnaded entry, built between 1890 and 1910. It's now a traditional coffeehouse (with a tree in front).

2. Salt Archaeological Museum

0.07 MILES

This delightful little museum is located in a well-restored Ottoman-era building and covers the history of the Jordan Valley area with excellent…

3. Orthodox Church


Salt's historic Orthodox church is dedicated to St George. The vaulted stone interior is rich with icons, and the rood screen is carved with dragons being…

4. Beit Muasher

0.12 MILES

A grand Ottoman house with lovely balcony columns.

5. Beit Mismar

0.18 MILES

An Ottoman residence with an impressive doorway.

6. Beit Abu Jaber

0.19 MILES

A recently restored Ottoman house dating from 1886, now housing a small local-history museum.

7. English Hospital


A colonnaded hospital dating from the British Mandate period (look for the letters ‘EH’ on the green gate).

8. Salt Handicraft Training Centre

0.98 MILES

Visitors can watch weaving, pottery, mosaics and other handicrafts being made at this women’s cooperative, 3km out of town in Nageb Al Daboor district…