President of Israel's Residence


Sharp-eyed security forces will usher you briskly on your way if you linger outside the President of Israel's Residence, completed in 1971.

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Nearby Jerusalem attractions

1. LA Mayer Museum for Islamic Art

0.11 MILES

The LA Mayer Museum, on Rehavia's southern fringe, exhibits ornate treasures from across the Islamic art world: 11th-century glassware and Mamluk pottery…

2. Hansen House

0.21 MILES

Once a home for leprosy patients, the 19th-century Hansen House is now a rotating gallery of art exhibits and a chic restaurant with music on Thursday…

3. Monastery of the Cross

0.36 MILES

The origins of this fortified monastery are cloaked in mystery. It is believed that Jesus's cross was constructed from wood grown in this valley, leading…

4. Heichal Shlomo Museum

0.44 MILES

The severe-looking building on King George V St is the 1950s-designed seat of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, and now home to the Wolfson Museum's…

5. Israel Museum

0.58 MILES

More than 5000 years of cultural treasures are assembled around the vast Israel Museum's indoor and outdoor galleries. Highlights are the titanic statues…

6. Liberty Bell Park

0.59 MILES

This grassy expanse covers parts of the Germany Colony and Talbieh neighbourhoods, and it's good for a picnic and a little bit of shade on hot days. Kids…

7. Montefiore Windmill

0.61 MILES

The Mishkenot Sha’ananim ('Tranquil Dwellings') neighbourhood was largely developed by English Jewish philanthropist Sir Moses Montefiore, and its 1857…

8. St Andrew’s Church

0.63 MILES

Towering like a Highland castle, St Andrew's Church has been a small corner of Scotland ever since its first stone was laid in 1927. The so-called …