Nishi Amane Former Residence

Western Honshū

It's a pleasant walk down the river from Tsuwano town centre to see the peaked-roof former residence of Nishi Amane (1829–97), a philosopher and political scientist prominent in the Meiji government.

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1. Mori Ōgai Former Residence

0.06 MILES

The old residence of Mori Ōgai (1862–1922), a highly regarded novelist who served as a physician in the Imperial Japanese Army.

2. Mori Ōgai Memorial Museum

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This simple building next to the novelist's former residence displays signed manuscripts and relics from his life as a writer and physician. One for…

3. Tsuwano-jō

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The broken walls of Tsuwano-jō brood over the valley. A slightly rickety chairlift takes you slowly up the hillside, and there's a further 15-minute walk…

4. Taikodani-Inari-jinja

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Within walking distance of town, this thriving shrine, built in 1773 by the seventh lord Kamei Norisada, is one of the five major Inari shrines in Japan…

5. Morijuku Museum

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This museum is housed in a 150-year-old building that once served as the home of a shōya (village headman). Downstairs is a collection of soft-edged…

6. Tsuwano Catholic Church

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The church here is a reminder of the town's Christian history. 'Hidden Christians' from Nagasaki were exiled here in the early Meiji period. It's…

7. Anno Art Museum

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Tsuwano-born Anno Mitsumasa is famous for his wonderfully detailed illustrated books, including Anno's Alphabet and Anno's Journey. You can see his work…

8. Chapel of St Maria

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The tiny Maria-dō dates from 1951. More than 150 'hidden Christians' were imprisoned in a Buddhist temple on this site in the early years of the Meiji…