Kikuya Residence

Top choice in Western Honshū

As official merchants to the daimyō, the Kikuya family's wealth and connections allowed them to build a house well above their station (they were merchants rather than samurai). This house dates from 1604 and has a fine gate and attractive gardens, as well as numerous interesting displays of items used in daily life, including an old public phone box. Don't miss the large old maps of Hagi, which show just how little has changed in the town layout.

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Nearby Western Honshū attractions

1. Hagi Museum

0.18 MILES

Hagi's impressive city museum features permanent displays on astrology, biology and local crafts, and hosts visiting exhibitions.

2. Hagi Uragami Museum

0.24 MILES

In this appealing modern building you'll find a superb collection of ceramics and woodblock prints, with fine works by Katsushika Hokusai and Utamaro…

3. Hagi-yaki Museum

0.65 MILES

This small hagi-yaki (Hagi ceramic ware) museum displays bowls, cups and interesting ornamental figures, mostly from the 1600s.

4. Hagi-jō Kiln

0.65 MILES

Hagi-yaki (Hagi ceramic ware) is noted for its fine glazes and delicate pastel colours, and connoisseurs of Japanese ceramics rank it as some of the best…

5. Hagi-jō

0.72 MILES

There's not much of the old Hagi-jō to see, apart from the typically imposing outer walls and the surrounding moat. The castle was built in 1604 and…

7. Hanano-e Tea House

0.82 MILES

Within the Shizuki-kōen, this mid-19th-century teahouse serves matcha (powdered green tea). It's sometimes closed for renovations, so check ahead.

8. Shizuki-kōen

0.83 MILES

Within this park, there's not much of the old Hagi-jō to see, apart from the castle's typically imposing outer walls and the surrounding carp-filled moat…