Ueno & Yanesen

The deity at this temple is Nichika-sama, also known as the 'god of strong legs'; for this reason the temple is popular with runners.

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1. Daimyo Clock Museum

0.06 MILES

Before the 1860s, only samurai lords could see these fascinating clocks, called wadokei, that tell time according to variable hours named after animals of…

2. Gyokurin-ji

0.12 MILES

One of Yanaka's many ambient temples, this is home to an ancient chinquapin tree that's been designated a national monument. Ask someone from the temple…

3. SCAI the Bathhouse

0.18 MILES

This 200-year-old bathhouse is now an avant-garde gallery, showcasing Japanese and international artists: the vaulted space just as suited for…

4. Shitamachi Museum Annex

0.21 MILES

This century-old liquor shop (which operated until 1986) has been returned to its original state, but as a museum of bygone Tokyo, with old sake barrels,…

5. Chōan-ji

0.26 MILES

This small, peaceful temple, one of many scattered around Yanaka, houses one of the seven gods of good fortune, Juro-jin.

6. Yanaka-reien

0.27 MILES

One of Tokyo’s largest graveyards, Yanaka-reien is the final resting place of more than 7000 souls, many of whom were quite well known in their day. It’s…

7. Kannon-ji

0.29 MILES

This Yanaka temple is known for its part in the story of the 47 ronin (masterless samurai). It was here that they plotted to avenge their master (the…

8. University Art Museum

0.32 MILES

Tokyo University of the Arts, commonly known as Geidai, is Japan's top art school. Its collection dates back to 1887 and includes over 28,000 items, a…