Nippon Maru Sailing Ship


This magnificent, four-masted barque (built in 1930 as a training ship for naval cadets) sits in a wet dock adjacent to the Yokohama Port Museum, and is fascinating to board and explore. Tickets also include entry to the museum building.

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1. Yokohama Port Museum

0.04 MILES

Adjacent to the magnificent Nippon Maru, is this comprehensive, if somewhat dry, port museum. It's worth a visit for its detailed model ships and ship…

2. Landmark Tower

0.09 MILES

Standing an impressive 296m high (70 storeys), the Landmark Tower was Japan's tallest skyscraper until overtaken in 2014 by Osaka's Abeno Harukas…

3. Yokohama Museum of Art

0.25 MILES

The focus of the Yokohama Triennale (2020, 2023), this museum hosts exhibitions that swing between safe-bet shows with European headliners to more daring…

4. Cup Noodles Museum

0.38 MILES

This impressively slick attraction is dedicated to, you guessed it, cup noodles. But in reality, its focus is more broad, with numerous exhibitions…

6. Kamonyama-kōen


This small hilltop park is a popular spot for cherry-blossom viewing (hanami) parties in spring.

7. Hara Model Railway Museum

0.77 MILES

Hara Nobutaro (1919–2014) was Japan's pre-eminent trainspotter, taking the pastime to a typically Japanese level of obsessiveness as this superb personal…

8. Yokohama Archives of History

0.77 MILES

Inside the former British consulate, displays in English chronicle the saga of Japan's opening up at the Yokohama port following the arrival of Commodore…