Ji-in to Kyōkai no Mieru Michi

Top choice in Kyūshū

This street, rising up a steep hill from town, is one of the most photogenic vantage points in all of Kyūshū. The Buddhist temples and large Christian church are testament to the island's history and shared East-West heritage.

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1. Matsuura Historical Museum

0.21 MILES

This museum is housed in the stunning residence of the Matsuura clan, who ruled the island from the 11th to the 19th centuries. You'll find armour that…

2. Hirado-jō

0.37 MILES

Hirado-jō presides over the town. The castle has an enormous number of rebuilt structures, and inside you'll see traditional armour and clothing, and…

3. Oranda Shōkan


Across from the waterfront, this building was the trading house of the Dutch East India Company. Shogunal authorities took the Gregorian date on the front…

4. Hirado Christian Museum

8.16 MILES

Across the middle of the island, this remote, small museum displays items including a Maria-Kannon statue that the hidden Christians used in place of the…

5. Imari City Ceramic Merchant's Museum

19.89 MILES

In Imari town near the river, this museum houses some priceless pieces of Koimari (as old Imari ware is known) from the 18th and 19th centuries. It's in…

6. Ōkawachiyama

21.87 MILES

The area's renowned pottery kilns are concentrated in photogenic Ōkawachiyama, a 15-minute bus ride from the station. Around 30 workshops and public…

7. Genemon Kiln

22.35 MILES

This is a unique opportunity to see contemporary potters working in a large studio crafting stunning examples of Arita ware, in a building from the early…

8. Kakiemon Kiln

22.46 MILES

This workshop of the Sakaida family (artist name: Kakiemon) is one of Arita's top sights. Now in its 15th generation and featured in its own exhibit at…