Okayama Prefectural Bizen Ceramics Art Museum

Western Honshū

This ceramics-focused museum exhibits pieces from the Muromachi (1333–1568) and Momoyama (1568–1600) periods, plus work by several modern artists who have been designated 'Living National Treasures'.

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2. Kibido

0.12 MILES

This kiln and gallery-shop is run by the Kimura family, one of the six original families granted official permission in the early 1600s to produce pottery…

3. Tempogama

0.22 MILES

Tempogama is a large kiln ruin (c 1832), a short walk up a lane leading off Imbe's main street of shops and galleries. The kiln is fenced off for…

4. Amatsu-jinja

0.22 MILES

A simple shrine in a leafy setting, decorated with Bizen-yaki (Bizen pottery) figures of the animals of the Chinese zodiac. To get there, exit Imbe…

5. Imbe-jinja


This understated, pretty wooden shrine sits among the trees and bamboo groves of the hills behind Imbe.

6. Shizutani Gakko

5.18 MILES

The first public school in Japan, Edo-era Shizutani Gakko has wood interiors with glossy lacquered floors and beautifully preserved Bizen-yaki roof tiles…

7. Inujima Seirensho Art Museum

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The drawcard of little Inujima island is this copper refinery converted into an eco-building, displaying artist Yanagi Yukinori's surreal take on the…

8. Yumeji Art Museum

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Prominent Taishō-era artist and poet Takehisa Yumeji (1884–1934) is particularly known for his bijin-ga (images of beautiful women), and various wistfully…