Plumb Point Lighthouse

Kingston, Blue Mountains & the Southeast Coast

Port Royal lighthouse.

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Nearby Kingston, Blue Mountains & the Southeast Coast attractions

2. Negro Aroused Statue

2.59 MILES

This controversial bronze statue depicting a crouched black man breaking free from bondage is the work of Jamaica’s foremost sculptor, the late Edna…

4. National Gallery of Jamaica

2.71 MILES

The superlative collection of Jamaican art housed by the National Gallery is the finest on the island and should on no account be missed. As well as…

5. National Library

2.71 MILES

Adjacent to the Institute of Jamaica, the National Library incorporates the Caribbean’s largest repository of books, maps, charts and archival documents…

6. Institute of Jamaica

2.72 MILES

The Institute of Jamaica is the nation’s small-scale equivalent of the British Museum or Smithsonian, housed in three separate buildings – the National…

7. Life Yard

2.77 MILES

An innovative art and permaculture scheme, Life Yard is regenerating an area of downtown Kingston once beset with gang problems. The program is centered…

8. Secret Garden Memorial

2.79 MILES

Consisting of a stylized dark head with silver tears running down its cheeks, this 2008 memorial is an official acknowledgement of the impact of the…