Giudecca, Lido & the Southern Islands

Pass over Ponte di Borgo to explore the canals and calli (lanes) of a less overwhelming lagoon town. A miniature version of Venice right down to the lions of St Mark on medieval facades, Malamocco was actually the lagoon capital from 742 to 811.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Giudecca, Lido & the Southern Islands attractions

1. Bagni Alberoni

1.83 MILES

Sandy beach with all the usual facilities at the southern end of the Lido.

2. WWF Oasi Dunes degli Alberoni

1.92 MILES

Right at the southern tip of the island, the Alberoni pine forest slopes down to the Lido’s wildest stretch of beach, home to wildflowers, the fratino …

3. Palazzo del Cinema

2.72 MILES

Eugenio Miozzi’s angular, Rationalist ‘Palace of Cinema’ was in keeping with the ambitious modernism of the early 1930s, when business tycoon and Fascist…

4. Monastero di San Lazzaro degli Armeni

2.98 MILES

Tours of this historic island monastery are usually conducted by its multilingual Armenian monks, who amply demonstrate the institution’s reputation for…

5. Grand Hotel des Bains

3.35 MILES

This vast belle époque hotel once epitomised Lido glamour, but it's been boarded up since 2016 – an oversized symbol of the beach resort's fall from…

6. Museo del Manicomio

3.39 MILES

As well as a poignant collection of patients' before-and-after photos, this small museum contains the full paraphernalia of psychiatric treatment of the…

7. Grande Albergo Ausonia & Hungaria

3.41 MILES

The Lido's take on art nouveau reaches an over-the-top apotheosis in this garish 1907 hotel, decorated with wreath-bearing cherubs and tiles in a…

8. Blue Moon

3.46 MILES

Named after a glamorous nightclub that once stood on the beach, the Blue Moon serves the spiaggia comunale (public beach) at the northern end of the Lido…