Museo del Motorismo Siciliano e della Targa Florio

Tyrrhenian Coast

This unique museum is a labour of love for owner-founder Nuccio Salemi, whose amazing collection of original sports cars from the famed Targa Florio race fills this converted slaughterhouse. Salemi caught the car racing bug as a young boy, watching famed Targa Florio drivers land their helicopters on his grandfather's field in the nearby Madonie Mountains. His Italian-English displays pay tribute to the race's history, while visitors are invited to roam the floor and discover the cars at close range.

Admission is free, though you'll be gently cajoled to take home some merchandise (hats, stickers and the like). The museum is 37km west of Cefalù and 40km east of Palermo. Take the Termini Imerese exit from the E90 autostrada.

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