Area Archeologica di Solunto

Ruins in Palermo Region

About 20km east of Palermo are the partially excavated remains of the Hellenistic Roman town of Solunto, founded in the 4th century BC on the site of an earlier Phoenician settlement. To get there, take the train from Palermo to the Santa Flavia-Solunto-Porticello stop (€2.50, 20 minutes, one to two hourly). Turn right as you leave the train station, then right again to cross the tracks, continuing straight for around 200m and turning left at the signpost. From there, the ancient city is a 1.2km uphill walk.

Although the ruins are less impressive than others you'll see around Sicily, the setting on the slopes of Monte Catalfano is beautiful, with spectacular sea views. Wander along the Roman decumanus (main street), and take detours up the steep, paved side streets to explore the ruined houses, some of which still sport remnants of original mosaic floors. The site is also home to a small archaeological museum displaying ancient pottery, glassware, sculpture and domestic utensils uncovered in the area.