Statue of Baron Marco Trigona

Central Sicily

This statue depicts Baron Marco Trigona, the man who financed construction of Piazza Armerina's cathedral.

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1. Cathedral

0.04 MILES

You can spot the dramatically sited dome of the huge cathedral from a few kilometres away. It rises majestically from the hilltop and the terraced houses…

2. Palazzo Trigona

0.04 MILES

Flanking the southern end of Piazza Duomo is Palazzo Trigona, a baronial palace once home to the island's powerful Trigona family. Constructed of…

3. Pinacoteca Comunale

0.06 MILES

Piazza Armerina's small, slick public art gallery showcases mostly local artwork from the 15th to 19th centuries, including altarpieces and frescoes from…

4. Palazzo di Città

0.12 MILES

Piazza's former town hall (closed to the public), this elegant, late-baroque palazzo (mansion) overlooks Piazza Garibaldi.

5. Chiesa di San Rocco

0.14 MILES

The facade of this 17th-century church is graced by a magnificently carved, tuff-stone portal.

6. Casa Museo del Contadino

0.24 MILES

A labour of love for its founder, Mario Albanese, this small but meticulously detailed ethnographic museum recreates a typical Sicilian peasant house of…

7. Chiesa di San Giovanni Evangelista

0.31 MILES

Founded in the 14th century, the current Chiesa di San Giovanni Evangelista dates back to the 18th century. Its interior is lavished with the glorious,…

8. Basilica

2.07 MILES

After they had been received in the peristyle, guests were led through to the basilica, a building used for public assembly.