Capo Milazzo

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If you have a car, don't miss the scenic drive north along Strada Panoramica to see the gorgeous, rugged coastline of Capo Milazzo. At the end of the isthmus is a lighthouse; park in the nearby lot, from where short walks lead to the atmospheric ruins of the 13th-century Santuario Rupestre di San Antonio da Padova and the Piscina di Venere, an idyllic natural pool that's perfect for a dip on a hot day.

Alternatively, you can arrange a boat trip (ask at the tourist office) around the rocky cape to Baia del Tonno on the western side of the isthmus.

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2. Castello di Milazzo

2.74 MILES

Originally the site of a Greek acropolis, then an Arab-Norman citadel, Milazzo's enormous castle was built by Frederick II in 1239, expanded by Charles V…

3. Antiquarium di Milazzo

3.11 MILES

Housed just below the castle in the 16th-century Quartiere degli Spagnoli defensive barracks, this 10-room museum displays treasures dating from neolithic…

4. Santuario della Madonna del Tindari

13.49 MILES

This enormous church can be seen from miles around: it sits right on Capo Tindari, its dome glistening in the sun. A sanctuary was built here in the 16th…

5. Tyndaris

13.54 MILES

This ancient Greek holy place was founded by Dionysis of Syracuse after his victory over the Carthaginians in 396 BC. The secluded ruins (a basilica, an…

6. Spiaggia di Oliveri

13.59 MILES

In the town of Oliveri, just below the ancient settlement of Tyndaris, this sandy stretch of beach makes a good place for a swim, with a series of lidos…

7. Spiaggia Cannitello

14.36 MILES

This beach, one of two small black-sand stretches on the island's southern side near Gelso, is surrounded by lush, almost tropical greenery.

8. Spiaggia dell’Asino

14.38 MILES

One of two small black-sand beaches on the island's southern side near Gelso, this crescent of black sand gives onto inviting waters.