Spiaggia dell’Asino


One of two small black-sand beaches on the island's southern side near Gelso, this crescent of black sand gives onto inviting waters.

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1. Spiaggia Cannitello

0.24 MILES

This beach, one of two small black-sand stretches on the island's southern side near Gelso, is surrounded by lush, almost tropical greenery.

2. Gelso

0.34 MILES

On the island's southern coast, down a sinuous, narrow paved road, Gelso is a minuscule but picturesque port with a pair of family-run restaurants and a…

3. Capo Grillo

1.94 MILES

For spectacular sea and island views without the physical exertion of climbing Fossa di Vulcano, follow the signposted road to Capo Grillo, about 7km…

4. Spiaggia Sabbie Nere

4.15 MILES

Vulcano's beach scene is centred on this smooth strip of black sand at Porto di Ponente, about 10 minutes' walk beyond the mud pools on the western side…

5. L'Osservatorio

5.92 MILES

Down near Lipari's southwesternmost tip, this high perch commands unparalleled views south to Vulcano (backed by Mt Etna on a clear day), and west into a…