Down near Lipari's southwesternmost tip, this high perch commands unparalleled views south to Vulcano (backed by Mt Etna on a clear day), and west into a dizzyingly steep ravine (stay away from the edge!) backed by the islands of Alicudi and Filicudi at sunset. You'll need your own vehicle or strong lungs and legs to get up here. Park at the end of the road and follow the dirt path out onto the headland for the best views.

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1. Spiaggia Valle Muria

1.28 MILES

Lapped by clean waters and surrounded by sheer cliffs, this dark, pebbly beach on Lipari's southwestern shore is a dramatically beautiful swimming and…

2. Town Centre

1.47 MILES

One of Lipari Town's great pleasures is simply wandering its streets, lapping up the laid-back island atmosphere. Lipari's liveliest street is Corso…

6. Cattedrale di San Bartolomeo

1.55 MILES

A fine example of 17th-century baroque architecture, the Aeolians' 'mother church' was built to replace the 11th-century Norman cathedral destroyed by…

7. Quattrocchi

1.57 MILES

Lipari's best coastal views are from a celebrated viewpoint known as Quattrocchi (Four Eyes), 3km west of town. Follow the road for Pianoconte and look on…

8. Museo Archeologico Regionale Eoliano

1.57 MILES

A must-see for Mediterranean history buffs, Lipari's archaeological museum has one of Europe's finest collections of ancient finds. Especially worthwhile…