Spiaggia Le Saline

Northwestern Sardinia

Just south of Stintino a signpost directs you to the abandoned tonnara (tuna processing plant) and the Spiaggia Le Saline, once the site of a busy salt works, now a beautiful white beach. Behind it, marshes extend inland to form the Stagno di Casaraccio, a big lagoon where you might just see flamingos at rest.

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Nearby Northwestern Sardinia attractions

1. Museo della Tonnara

2.07 MILES

Stintino’s history and tuna-fishing heritage are documented at this small museum. Videos, documents, old black-and-white photos and computer displays…

2. Spiaggia della Pelosa


About 2.5km north of Stintino, the Spiaggia della Pelosa is a dreamy image of beach perfection: a salt-white strip of sand lapped by shallow, turquoise…

3. Parco Nazionale dell'Asinara

6.58 MILES

Named after its resident asini bianchi (albino donkeys), the Isola dell'Asinara encompasses 51 sq km of macchia (Mediterranean scrub), rocky coastline and…

5. Basilica di San Gavino

10.04 MILES

Porto Torres' modern, workaday streets provide the unlikely setting for Sardinia’s largest Romanesque church. Built between 1030 and 1080, the basilica is…

6. Argentiera

12.46 MILES

A natural inlet about 11km north of Lago Baratz, the haunting backwater of Argentiera is dominated by the ghostly ruins of its silver mine, once Sardinia…

7. Spiaggia di Platamona

13.72 MILES

With its fine sand and clean waters, the beach at Platamona is a popular summer hang-out, and you'll find all the usual beach facilities: sunloungers,…

8. Monte d’Accoddi

13.73 MILES

Signposted off the SS131 between Sassari and Porto Torres, Monte d’Accoddi is a unique Neolithic temple. Unlike anything else in the Mediterranean basin …