Nuraghe di Palmavera

Northwestern Sardinia

A few kilometres west of Fertilia on the SS127bis road to Porto Conte, the Nuraghe di Palmavera is a 3500-year-old nuraghic village. At its centre stands a limestone tower and an elliptical building with a secondary sandstone tower. The ruins of smaller towers and fortified walls surround the central edifice, beyond which are the packed remnants of circular dwellings, of which there may originally have been about 50.

The circular Capanna delle Riunioni (Meeting Hut) is the subject of considerable speculation. Its foundation wall is lined by a low stone bench, perhaps for a council of elders, and encloses a pedestal topped by a model nuraghe. One theory suggests there was actually a cult to the nuraghi themselves.

Between April and September a single weekday bus runs to the site from Alghero (€1.30); otherwise you'll need a bike or car to get there.

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