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Bosa is one of Sardinia’s most beautiful towns. Seen from a distance, its rainbow townscape resembles a vibrant Paul Klee canvas, with pastel houses stacked on a steep hillside, tapering up to a majestic, golden castle. In front, moored fishing boats bob on a glassy river elegantly lined with palm trees.

Bosa was established by the Phoenicians and thrived under the Romans. During the early Middle Ages it suffered repeat raids by Arab pirates, but in the early 12th century a branch of the noble Tuscan Malaspina family moved in and built their huge castle. In the 19th century, the Savoys established lucrative tanneries here, but these have since fallen by the wayside.

About 2.5km west of Bosa proper, at the mouth of the Fiume Temo, Bosa Marina is the town’s seaside satellite. It's a busy summer resort set on a wide, 1km-long beach overlooked by a 16th-century Aragonese defensive tower.

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