Casa Museo


The good news is that this museum is well signposted and has a car park. The bad news is that it's on a perilous corner on Ischia's mountain road between Buonopane and Fontana. Double back if you can because beguiling Casa Museo is far more interesting than its name suggests. Tunnelled into the rock face, every room contains extraordinary sculptures and carvings made out of stone, wood and pebbles, the latter including such quirky exhibits as a life-size pig.

Other wonderful pieces include a stone head of Neptune, fanciful pebble reptiles, wooden furniture carved out of gnarled tree trunks and intricately patterned pebble mosaics covering the walls, even in the bathroom… Check out the Alice in Wonderland–style tunnels that lead here, there – and absolutely nowhere! The museum is free, although a donation is appreciated.

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