Must-see attractions in Trani

  • The beautiful cathedral in the city of Trani.



    This dramatic seafront cathedral is dedicated to St Nicholas the Pilgrim, a Greek Christian who wandered through Puglia crying 'Kyrie eleison' ('Lord,…

  • Scolanova Synagogue


    This synagogue, one of four once established in Trani's ancient Jewish quarter, has been reborn after over 600 years. Persecutions, forced conversions and…

  • Ognissanti Church


    Traditionally (but controversially) thought to be built by the Knights Templar in the 12th century, this church became a place of blessing for those…

  • Castello


    Two hundred metres north of the cathedral is one of Trani's major landmarks, the vast, almost modernist Swabian castle built by Frederick II in 1233…

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