Spiaggia Marinella

Cilento Coast

For a slightly quieter scene than you might find in Palinuro, head southeast of town to Spiaggia Marinella, surrounded by lush banks of greenery. The beach is approached via steep steps, and there’s a small car park at the top. The shoreline here is protected by two breakwaters and is excellent for swimming and pedal-boating (rentals available in the summer).

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1. Spiaggia Palinuro

0.83 MILES

The town’s main beach stretches for around 4km north of the centre. There is another more sheltered curve of sand abutting Palinuro’s postcard-pretty…

2. Grotta Azzurra

1.49 MILES

Although it doesn’t have the hype of its Capri counterpart, Palinuro’s Grotta Azzurra is similarly spectacular, with a brilliant play of light and hue.

3. Parco Archeologico di Elea Velia

11.59 MILES

Founded by the Greeks in the mid-6th century BC, Velia subsequently became a popular resort with wealthy Romans. You can wander around the evocative ruins…

4. Spiaggia Grande di Acciaroli

18.06 MILES

Another Cilento stunner, Acciaroli’s main beach has sand, space, a Blue Flag rating and easy access to the historic town at its southern end. Water and…

5. Statue of Christ the Redeemer

22.6 MILES

The symbol of Maratea, visible from multiple vantage points along the coast, this 22m-high statue of Christ faces inland towards the Basilica di San…

6. Maratea Superiore

22.64 MILES

The ruins of the original settlement of Maratea, supposedly founded by the Greeks, are situated at a higher elevation than the current village on a rocky…

7. Castello dell'Abate

25.12 MILES

Approached from its coastal sidekick, Santa Maria di Castellabate, the summit of Castellabate is marked by the broad Belvedere di San Costabile, from…

8. Castellabate Beach

25.41 MILES

Santa Maria’s golden sandy beach stretches for around 4km, which equals plenty of towel space on the sand, even in midsummer.