Designed by Fabio Novembre, this huge, glass wedge topped by a giant TV screen houses the new HQ of AC Milan, incorporating not only the club’s admin, but the Mondo Milan Museum, a restaurant and a shop where you can kit yourself out in black and red. Inside the museum, the club’s history since 1899 is explored through historic memorabilia, a holographic theatre, a hall of fame and a glowing, golden trophy room.

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1. Arco della Pace

1.34 MILES

Situated at the northwestern edge of Parco Sempione is Napoleon's 25m-high triumphal arch. Designed by Luigi Cagnola in 1807, it echoes Paris' Arc de…

2. Torre Branca

1.45 MILES

Giò Ponti's spindly 1933 steel tower (built in two months flat for a Triennale exhibition) provides a fantastic 108m-high viewing platform over Parco…

3. Cimitero Monumentale

1.48 MILES

Behind striking Renaissance-revival black-and-white walls, Milan’s wealthy have kept their dynastic ambitions alive long after death with grand sculptural…

4. Triennale di Milano

1.53 MILES

Italy’s first Triennale took place in 1923 in Monza. It aimed to promote Italian design and applied arts, and its success led to the construction of…

5. Parco Sempione

1.57 MILES

Situated behind Castello Sforzesco, Parco Sempione was once the preserve of hunting Sforza dukes. Then Napoleon came to town and set about landscaping…

6. Arena Civica

1.61 MILES

The arena was Napoleon’s mini-colosseum, which he opened in flamboyant style with a chariot race in 1807. Built by Luigi Canonica, its design allowed it…

7. The Last Supper

1.72 MILES

Milan's most famous mural, Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper, is hidden away on a wall of the refectory adjoining the Basilica di Santa Maria delle…

8. Basilica di Santa Maria delle Grazie

1.73 MILES

Begun by Guiniforte Solari in 1463, with later additions by Bramante, this handsome Lombard church encapsulates the magnificence of the Milanese court of…