Criptoportico Forense


What remains of the city's Augustan forum mostly lies beneath the 'modern' piazza, although you can visit its colonnaded underground walkway (known as a criptoportico) for some moodily-lit Roman dreaming.

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1. Cattedrale Santa Maria Assunta

0.03 MILES

The neoclassical facade of Aosta's cathedral belies the impressive Gothic interior. Inside, the carved 15th-century walnut-wood choir stalls are…

2. Museo Archeologico Regionale

0.06 MILES

Aosta’s little city museum does an excellent job of detailing the city’s Roman history with a scale model of Aosta’s Roman layout plus various…

3. Teatro Romano

0.24 MILES

Part of the Roman theatre's 22m-high facade is still intact. In summer, performances are held in the better-preserved lower section.

4. Torre dei Balivi

0.27 MILES

This former 12th-century prison once formed a significant corner of Aosta's Roman wall.

5. Torre dei Fromage


Next to the Porta Praetoria, this imposing tower is named not for the love of French cheese (fromage) but rather after the last descendent of the medieval…

8. Chiesa di Sant'Orso


This intriguing church is part of a still-operating monastery. The church dates back to the 10th century but was altered on several occasions, notably in…