Spazio Espositivo


Tucked away on the ground floor of Ferrara's Palazzo dei Diamanti, this museum houses high-profile special exhibits.

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1. Palazzo dei Diamanti

0.01 MILES

Named after the spiky diamond-shaped ashlar stones on its facade, the late-15th-century 'diamond palace' was built for Sigismondo d'Este. It houses…

2. Pinacoteca Nazionale

0.01 MILES

Ferrara's art gallery, housed on the 1st floor of the late-15th-century Palazzo dei Diamanti, is the perfect spot to contemplate the genius of the 16th-…

4. Museo dell'Ottocento

0.17 MILES

Normally housing an impressive collection of 19th-century religious, literary and historical art, this museum will be closed through to 2023 for…

5. Palazzo Massari

0.17 MILES

This early Renaissance palace houses three museums: the Museo Giovanni Boldini, dedicated solely to Ferrara-born Giovanni Boldini; the Museo dell…

7. Museo Giovanni Boldini

0.17 MILES

Established in 1938, this museum – closed through to 2023 for restoration after suffering earthquake damage in 2012 – is home to the most important…

8. Certosa di Ferrara

0.27 MILES

Ferrara's monumental cemetery, designed by Borso d’Este in 1461, is an off-the-beaten path gem in Ferrara. Two snaking, semi-circlular arcades frame the…