Gelato Museum Carpigiani


Opened in 2012, this family-friendly museum – run by Carpigiani, Italy's most famous gelato-machine manufacturer – traces the history of frozen desserts from ancient times to the present. Discover 19th-century ice-cream carts, try out vintage gelato-making equipment and sample a flavour or two on the Taste Gelato History tour, or don an apron and create your own gelato under the expert guidance of teachers from the adjacent Gelato University.

Reserve ahead – there are only two English tours per day, at 11.30am and 2.30pm. Professional gelato-making classes are also available at the Gelato University (complete 19-day programs are €5002) – you too can walk away from your stressful nine-to-five and become a true gelatiere!

To get here, buy a zone 2 extraurbano ticket (€2.20) for TPER bus 87 from Bologna's Piazza XX Settembre to the Magli stop in suburban Anzola dell'Emilia (30 minutes west of Bologna).

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