Marina Piccola


Little more than a series of private bathing facilities, Marina Piccola is on the southern side of the island, directly south of Marina Grande. A short bus ride from Capri Town, or a downhill 15-minute walk, it has a 50m-long public pebble beach hemmed in by the Scoglio delle Sirene (Rock of the Sirens) at the western end and the Torre Saracena at the other. The swimming’s not great, but the two rocks rising out of the water about 10m offshore make excellent diving boards.

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1. Torre Saracena


The ruins of this medieval Saracen defence tower are located at the eastern end of Marina Piccola. It's not open for visits.

2. Santa Maria a Cetrella

0.32 MILES

This humble 16th-century hermitage is in the valley of Cetrella, halfway up Monte Solaro. The bell tower and two barrel-vaulted naves form the oldest part…

3. Giardini di Augusto

0.48 MILES

As their name suggests, these gardens near the Certosa di San Giacomo were founded by Emperor Augustus. Rising in a series of flowered terraces, they lead…

4. Monte Solaro

0.57 MILES

Rising 589m above Anacapri, Monte Solaro is Capri’s highest point. To get to the top, you can either take the seggiovia (chairlift) from Piazza Vittoria…

5. Certosa di San Giacomo

0.57 MILES

Founded in 1363, this substantial monastery is generally considered to be the finest remaining example of Caprese architecture and today houses a school,…

6. Chiesa di Santo Stefano

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Though not remarkable in itself, Capri’s main church, named after its patron saint, is a tempting haven from the bottlenecks of tourists on the streets…

7. Piazza Umberto I

0.59 MILES

Located beneath the 17th-century clock tower and framed by see-and-be-seen cafes, this showy, open-air salon is central to your Capri experience,…

8. La Crocetta

0.61 MILES

This pass halfway up Monte Solaro is marked by a distinctive iron crucifix.