Parco Archeologico di Elea Velia

Archaeological Site in Acciaroli to Pisciotta

Founded by the Greeks in the mid-6th century BC, Velia subsequently became a popular resort with wealthy Romans. You can wander around the evocative ruins, including parts of the city walls – with traces of one gate and several towers – as well as the remains of thermal baths, an Ionic temple, a theatre and parts of the original Greek streets, paved in limestone blocks and with the gutters intact.

The site's most visible landmarks are a 12th-century tower, built over a Greek temple, and an 11th-century Palatine chapel. Both are perched on an 'acropolis' overlooking the sea. The Porta Rosa is a rare example of an intact Greek arch.

The park isn't as well maintained as Paestum or Pompeii and parts of it were closed off at the time of research.