Museum Without Walls


More than 60 open-air murals and sculptures form a route through the lanes and alleys of Wadi Nisnas, from superhero murals to mixed-media sculptures and pop art. Some are large and eye-catching, others so small you could walk right past them; find a map on the helpful website.

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Nearby Haifa attractions

1. Haifa Museum of Art

0.07 MILES

Challenging and contemporary, the Museum of Art's three exhibition spaces showcase mixed media and photography by Israeli and international artists. If…

2. Beit HaGefen Cultural Center

0.14 MILES

In an old stone building across the street from the modern Beit HaGefen Arab–Jewish Center, this gallery-cum-social space sponsors interfaith social and…

3. MadaTech

0.34 MILES

Kid-friendly science exhibits fill this elegant 1912 building, including hands-on displays in the astronomy rooms, optical illusions and a hall of mirrors…

4. Shrine of the Báb

0.41 MILES

Though it’s primarily a pilgrimage site, modestly dressed visitors are allowed to enter this domed shrine holding the remains of the Báb, spiritual…

5. Al Jarina Mosque

0.49 MILES

A few hundred metres east of Paris Sq is the late 18th-century Al Jarina Mosque, topped by an early-20th-century minaret that looks a little like a…

6. Haifa City Museum

0.54 MILES

Split across two buildings, the City Museum examines Haifa's last century of history and features rotating exhibitions on contemporary life here. Most…

7. Viewing Balcony

0.56 MILES

Situated about 100m up the hill from the tour entrance of the Baha’i Gardens, this viewing platform allows a bird’s-eye view over the Shrine of the Báb…

8. Baha’i Gardens

0.58 MILES

These formal gardens flowing down 19 steep terraces to a resplendent domed shrine – the final resting place of the prophet-herald of the Baha’i faith –…