Elijah’s Cave

Religious Site in Haifa

Holy to Jews, Christians, Muslims and Druze, this cave is where the prophet Elijah is believed to have prayed before challenging the priests of Ba’al on Mt Carmel (1 Kings 18) and where he is said to have hidden from the wrath of Queen Jezebel afterwards (1 Kings 19:1–3). Upon entering, follow the signs to separate sections for men (to the right) and women (to the left); the cave is behind a velvet curtain. There’s not much to see unless you’re interested in Jewish pilgrimage sites. Dress modestly.

According to Christian tradition, Mary, Joseph and Jesus sheltered here on their return from Egypt. Muslims associate the site with Al Khidr (the Green Prophet), sometimes seen as an Islamic version of Elijah, or as his companion.

To get to Elijah’s Cave from the National Maritime Museum, look for the asphalt path leading uphill from Allenby Rd. The path from Stella Maris down to the cave begins from the parking lot across the street from the church, along the fence of the Israeli navy base.