Monastery Gatehouse


The stone arch of the monastery gatehouse at the Glendalough monastic site is the only surviving example of a monastic entranceway in the country. Just inside the entrance is a large slab with an incised cross.

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1. Cathedral of St Peter & St Paul

0.05 MILES

The Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul, just southeast of the Round Tower at the Glendalough monastic site, has a 10th-century nave; the chancel and…

2. Glendalough Monastic Site

0.05 MILES

Nestled between two lakes, haunting Glendalough (Gleann dá Loch, meaning 'Valley of the Two Lakes') is one of the most significant monastic sites in…

3. Round Tower

0.06 MILES

The 10th-century Round Tower at the Glendalough monastic site is 33m tall and 16m in circumference at the base. The upper storeys and conical roof were…

4. Priest's House

0.07 MILES

At the centre of the graveyard at the Glendalough monastic site, to the southwest of the Cathedral of St Peter & St Paul, is the Priest's House. This odd…

5. St Kevin's Kitchen

0.09 MILES

Glendalough's trademark is St Kevin's Kitchen or Church, at the southern edge of the monastic site. This compact structure, with a miniature round-tower…

6. St Kieran's Church

0.09 MILES

There are but scant remains of St Kieran's Church, the smallest at the Glendalough monastic site. It's to the east of St Mary's Church.

7. Glendalough Visitor Centre

0.11 MILES

The visitor centre beside the Glendalough monastic site has a high-quality 20-minute audiovisual presentation called Ireland of the Monasteries.

8. St Mary's Church

0.13 MILES

The 10th-century St Mary's Church, to the southwest of the Round Tower, stands outside the walls of the Glendalough monastic site and belonged to local…