The Midlands

Founded in the 13th century and abandoned in the 14th, the deserted village of Rindoon incorporates the overgrown remains of long medieval walls, a castle, an old hospital, a church and a mill. In spring, when the bluebells are out in the woods, it's a real picture. Rindoon sits on a peninsula that juts into the west side of Lough Ree, 4.5km east of Lecarrow. From the car park, it's a 700m walk southeast to the ruins.

If you're arriving by boat, you can moor at the small pontoon in the old harbour.

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1. Corlea Trackway

7.93 MILES

Don't miss the extraordinary Corlea Trackway, an Iron Age bog road built in 148 BC. An 18m stretch of the pavement-like oak track has been preserved in a…

2. Church of St Peter & St Paul

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Designed by Irish architect Ralph Byrne and completed in 1939, this colossal neoclassical church stands opposite Athlone Castle. Its stained-glass images…

3. Luan Gallery

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On the river opposite the castle, this contemporary art gallery has rotating exhibitions by top Irish artists.

4. Athlone Castle

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Inside this low, hulking 13th-century riverside castle, modern displays bring to life the tumultuous history of the town and detail life here through the…

5. Roscommon Dominican Priory

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6. Roscommon County Museum

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7. Roscommon Castle

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The impressive ruins of the town's Norman castle stand alone in a field to the north of town, beautifully framed by the landscaped lawns and small lake of…

8. Dún na Sí Heritage Park

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Situated 19km east of Athlone, this engaging folk park has a recreated ring fort, a portal dolmen, a lime kiln, a Mass rock, a farmhouse, a fisherman's…