Khanum Mosque


Hidden in a back lane, this cute mosque has a pair of pepper-grinder-like turrets. To find it, head north up Ferdosi St from Sabz Sq, then turn left into the car park and head up the laneway. A few more turns and you're there.

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1. Masjed-e Jameh


Madraseh cells line the inner courtyard of this sizeable 1826 mosque, accessed through a spired portal on Imam St.

2. Zanjan Archaeology Museum

0.18 MILES

The archaeology museum is home to four of the fascinating 'Saltmen' mummies discovered over the years in the Chehrabad Salt Mine (now an archaeological…

3. Zanjan Bazaar

0.22 MILES

This intriguing long, narrow, mostly brick-vaulted bazaar hides abandoned caravanserai, subterranean chaykhanehs (teahouses), historic mosques and just…

4. Rasul-Ullah Mosque

0.26 MILES

Grandly tiled, the mosque's dome and minaret appear best at dawn and dusk, when they're framed by the giant revolutionary 'organ-pipes' monument of…

5. Soravardi’s Bust


Philosopher Soravardi’s bust can be seen on a library wall. The 1851 Baha’i massacres were perpetrated in lanes behind the wall.

6. Hosseiniyeh Mosque

0.34 MILES

This beautiful mosque dedicated to Hossein catches the setting sun perfectly from its western face. It's off Ferdosi St.

7. Rakhatshor-Khaneh

0.39 MILES

A traditional Qajar subterranean wash house full of female mannequins, in the clothing of the era, showing how it used to be done. There's also a small…

8. Seyyed Ibrahim Shrine

0.47 MILES

A delicate shrine to Seyyed Ibrahim set inside peaceful grounds right in the centre of the city.