Park-e Mellat


Many Tehranis say Park-e Mellat is their favourite in-town getaway, and if you’re here around dusk on any spring or summer afternoon you’ll find plenty of people enjoying the shaded areas around a small lake. On weekend nights you’ll find just as many young people cruising up and down Valiasr Ave, several to a car, eyeing each other off and swapping phone numbers through car windows.

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1. Iranian Art Museum Garden

1.45 MILES

Scaled-down architectural models of famous Iranian buildings are dotted around this lovely, spacious walled garden surrounded by small boutiques, cafes…

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8. White Palace

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Built in the 1930s, and one of the highlights of the Sa’d Abad Museum Complex, most of what you see in this 5000-sq-metre, 54-room palace dates from…