Bazar-e Sartasari

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Kerman’s magnificent 'Sartasari' ('end-to-end') Bazaar is one of the oldest and most memorable trading centres in Iran. Its main thoroughfare stretches 1200m from Tohid Sq to Shohada Sq, the majority covered with classic vaulting and with several caravanserai courtyards off to the north. Within are several museums, bathhouses and religious structures, while the vivacity of the whole experience is enough in itself to keep visitors interested for at least an hour or two, especially in the morning and late afternoon.

To explore, start from Tohid Sq. At the first charsoq (12-sided passage junction) you'll find lawn-filled Ganj Ali Khan Sq. Its colonnades have much of interest to peruse, including a bathhouse museum, coppercrafts bazaar, the unusual little Ganj Ali Khan Mosque and a money museum, more interesting for its tall wind tower than the coin collection within. Behind, jewellers of the gold bazaar spill into a couple of old caravanserai yards.

A great place for lunch, tea or just to admire is the Hamam-e Vakil Chaykhaneh, from which the vaulted main bazaar continues some 600m before reaching a more down-market section of open-air stalls. From there you can cut through Masjed-e Jameh to reach Shohada Sq.

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