Imamzadeh-ye Mahrugh


Directly south of the Khayyam gardens, this lovely imamzadeh has an intricately tiled portal and a fine 16th-century dome of blue and yellow tilework. The main tomb in the contrastingly plain interior is of Muhamad Marugh, one of the prominent rebels martyred in 9th-century fights against the Abbassid regime of Kufa.

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1. Omar Khayyam Tomb Complex

0.04 MILES

In its present 1970s form, Khayyam's mausoleum is like a giant calligraphic vase with diamond-shaped lozenges cut out to leave an airy net of criss…

2. Attar Tomb

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Small but lavishly tiled, the octagonal tomb tower of Sufi poet Sheikh Attar (1145–1220) sits in a very pretty garden that's a popular destination for…

3. Archaeological Museum

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Seeing the large, 3D map-model of how Neishabur looked in the 17th century makes it well worth popping into this elegantly presented new museum, which…

4. Shah Abbas Caravanserai

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5. Wildlife Museum

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Tucked into the western corner of the Shah Abbas Caravanserai is this small museum of stuffed birds, local animals, pinned insects and pickled snakes…

6. Covered Bazaar

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One of the last remnants of medieval Neishabur is its short stretch of covered bazaar.

7. Dehkadeh Chubi


If you're visiting Neishabur by car, a gently amusing side trip is the 10km excursion east of Omar Khayyam's tomb to this little fantasy hamlet with its…

8. Kang Viewpoint

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Kang's foremost sight is the village itself, especially when seen from the southeast. Probably the best viewpoint to appreciate the vertically piled…