Pulau Mare

This small island south of Pulau Tidore is famed for its attractive, simple pottery. Speedboats to Pulau Mare can be chartered in Seli (100,000Rp).

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Nearby attractions

1. Pantai Kajoli

3.88 MILES

Down on Tidore's southern coast, slender and small Pantai Kajoli is the island's best strip of white sand.

2. Benteng Tahula

5.79 MILES

A legacy of Spain's short-lived presence in Tidore, this early 17th-century fort is well preserved, with orderly market gardens within and spectacular…

3. Benteng Torre

6.24 MILES

No less spectacular than its nearby twin, Benteng Tahula, Torre was built by the Spanish in the early 17th century. Broken lava flows, vivid tropical…

4. Sonyine Malige

6.27 MILES

Around 200m north of Benteng Tahula, the Sonyine Malige Sultan’s Memorial Museum displays the sultan’s throne and giant spittoons, plus the royal crown…

5. Pulau Maitara

11.07 MILES

A three-minute speedboat hop from Rum, Pulau Maitara's clear waters are fine for snorkelling and swimming but watch out for the numerous sea urchins.

6. Pantai Akasahu

11.54 MILES

The beach itself isn't special, but the modest hot-spring pool here draws a crowd of locals.

7. Benteng Kalamata

13.07 MILES

The 1540 Benteng Kalamata is dramatically situated on the waterfront 1km southwest of Bastiong, staring down Ternate's old foe, Tidore. You can wander the…

8. Danau Laguna

13.49 MILES

Danau Laguna is a pleasant, spring-fed bowl lake with a lushly forested perimeter. When viewed from above (take the steep lane to the west of the lagoon),…