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Skewered by the equator and roasting under a tropical sun, the steamy forests of Kalimantan serve up endless opportunities for epic rainforest exploration. The island has no volcanoes and is protected from tsunamis, which has allowed its ancient forests to grow towering trees that house some of the world's most memorable species. The noble orangutan shares the canopy with acrobatic gibbons, while prehistoric... Read More

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4-Day Private Orangutan and Bornean Primates Tour from Pangkalanbuun

The boat has western styled bathrooms. The galley will provide all meals as well as snacks, bottled water, soft-drink, coffee and tea. There are 4 crew members including 1 English speaking guide, 1 Cook, 1 Captain and 1 assistant.DAY 1: Pangkalanbuun – Kumai – Tanjung Harapan Camp Upon arrival in Pangkalanbuun you’ll be met and transferred to Kumai for boarding to the Kelotok. Leaving Kumai River, you’ll have an opportunity to see riverfront life. Then, cruising to Sekonyer River, the estuarine habitat with unique vegetation called mangrove, before your first stop to Tanjung Harapan Camp to visit the Orangutan feeding station at 3pm. After seeing the Orangutans cruise downstream to see groups of Proboscis monkeys - the endemic primate in Borneo. The boat will anchor and you will sleep overnight in the Kelotok beneath the fireflies. If the weather is good (no rain or wind) you can see millions of fireflies like a Christmas tree, but this isn’t guaranteed. Dinner beneath fireflies. Meals Provided (lunch and dinner) DAY 2: Nypha Habitat - Camp Leakey – Pondok Ambung After a sunrise breakfast, cruise up the river. You’ll have time to relax, enjoying fresh air or do some primate spotting in the roosting tree while the boat finds a good place to anchor. The next destination is Camp Leakey, the legendary Orangutan Rehabilitation Camp, where Prof. Birute MF. Galdikas started her study in early 1971. Boating a side creek through tea colored water where you will see the magnificent reflection from the vegetation along the river. If lucky you may see fresh water crocodiles and other wildlife attractions along the river banks. The Orangutan feeding time is at 2pm. Meals Provided (breakfast, lunch and dinner) DAY 3: Pondok Ambung – Pondok Tanggui – Tanjung Harapan - Pesalat After having breakfast, you will head to Pondok Tanggui. The Orangutan feeding will be at 9am in the morning. After seeing the Orangutans, you will continue to Tanjung Harapan to see the orangutans feeding at 3pm. You will be able to spot wildlife during the slow cruising between Pondok Tanggui and Tanjung Harapan. Sleep overnight in Pesalat. Meals provided (breakfast, lunch and dinner) DAY 4: Pesalat Reforestation – Kumai – Pangkalanbuun After breakfast you’ll have a short trek on the wooden jetty before visiting a forest tree seedling which is aimed at enriching the food for the orangutans and also rehabilitate land after previous fires and logging. You will plant your own tree with your name on the tag. Lunch will be served on the boat unless you depart in the morning. Departing Kumai in the afternoon, you’ll be transferred to Pangkalanbuun (hotel/airport). It is also possible to visit the Orangutan souvenir and handicraft gallery before your next destination.