Galeri Nasional

Top choice in Merdeka Square & Central Jakarta

Over 1700 works of art by foreign and Indonesian artists are part of the National Gallery collection. While only a few works are on display at any time, there are also large spaces for regular – and well-curated – special exhibits. The centrepiece of the sprawling palm-shaded complex is an 1817 Dutch building.

There's a small open-air cafe that offers a wonderful respite from pounding the local pavement pondering monuments. Visitors must check their bags into a cloakroom.

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1. Immanuel Church

0.13 MILES

This classic church dates from 1834. The interior is smaller than you'd think but it has an evocative round dome and an organ from 1843. Ask to see the…

2. Deer Enclosure

0.19 MILES

Dozens of pint-sized spotted deer wander a large tree-shaded enclosure in the southeast corner of the park.

3. Gedung Pancasila

0.32 MILES

Gedung Pancasila is an imposing neoclassical building built in 1830 as the Dutch army commander’s residence. It later became the meeting hall of the…

4. Tugu Tani

0.32 MILES

A post-independence and appealingly bombastic statue depicting a farmer who became a soldier in the fight for independence from the Dutch. It shows the…

5. Monumen Nasional

0.42 MILES

Ingloriously dubbed ‘Sukarno’s final erection’, the 132m-high National Monument (aka Monas), which rises into the shroud of smog and towers over Merdeka…

6. Merdeka Square

0.42 MILES

It is here that Jakartans come to take a breather from the traffic. The figurative centre of Jakarta, Merdeka Square (merdeka means independence) is…

7. Monumen Irian Jaya Pembebasan

0.59 MILES

The twin towers of this monument with a dodgy provenance soar over grassy Lapangan Banteng and are topped by a sculpture of a man breaking his chains. It…

8. Gereja Katedral Jakarta

0.65 MILES

This Roman Catholic cathedral is an impressive height, with lacy twin spires made from wrought iron, each 60m tall. It was built in 1901 to replace an…